Product News
15 February
Great discussions with the main actors in the rubber industry at VKRT in the Netherlands, talking about our latest developments and their impact for the whole industry. Exciting times! #TUBALL
15 February
Are you a city-lover? Come and share our passion for Ujet! This elegant and smart scooter is a true glimpse into the future. And graphene nanotubes are a key part of this new transport era – the lightest tyres in their class provide unprecedented performance and road safety. #Graphene #Nanotubes #Scooter
13 February
The blackest black paint ever absorbs up to 99.96% of visible light. Which field will be the first to take advantage of it?
12 February
Let's see what they actually look like. Graphene itself is a hexagonal lattice of carbon atoms. A graphene nanotube is simply a sheet of graphene rolled up into a tube – super strong and highly conductive. #Graphene #Nanotubes
6 February
Nanotechnology Now: A leading producer of oil industry equipment in China has found that graphene nanotubes improve abrasion resistance of the rubber stator by 20% and increase tensile modulus by... Read more at: #Graphene #Nanotubes #OilandGas #Rubber
5 February
Take a break! Spare a few seconds to watch us make some anti-static coloured PVC plastisol at our Nanotech Lab. This material is undergoing yet more tests to ensure miners’ safety. Anti-static #PVC plastisol with graphene #nanotubes is now being applied in ventilation ducting, fiberglass mesh and anti-static textiles.
5 February
Discover a whole new nanoworld inside silicone #TUBALL #Graphene #Nanotubes
1 February
We are live from the original birthplace of graphene nanotubes – Japan! If you’re in the nano industry, Nano tech 2019 is the place to be. Our partner Kusumoto Chemicals is presenting all the possibilities that graphene #nanotubes offer to high-performance and mass markets. Use this last chance to discover the exciting opportunities for your products! Otherwise, come again to Tokyo in November for the #naum2019 Summit. :) #NanoTech
31 January
And here we are – at Интерпластика 2019 in Moscow, ready to welcome you at our booth #1B43! High-performance anti-static industrial rollers, railway carriage components and cleaning pig discs for industrial pipelines are all attracting great attention here. A big thank you to our partner Уником-Сервис: изделия из полиуретана for helping us to demonstrate their products containing #graphene nanotubes that are already on the market. #TUBALL #Nanotubes #Composites
23 January
Say no to dust on your clothes! The Boeing Company uses nanotubes to develop immune to dust suits for astronauts. Why would you wear anti-static clothes?