Product News
7 December
Our lab’s scientists are extremely picky in selecting components for #nanotube concentrates. Look at this water – it’s as pure as a child’s tear!
5 December
NASA InSight has landed on the Red Planet! It’s time to pack your bags and migrate to Mars – and to start thinking about how to strengthen our bodies for space travel. In the recent movie The Space Between Us, Gardner Elliot, who had grown up on Mars, had his bones enhanced with nanotubes to enable him to move from Mars to Earth. Do you think nanomaterials could one day be used to improve the performance of our bodies? #TheSpaceBetweenUs #CarbonNanotubes
3 December
NetComposites: Competition is fierce in the world’s largest developed markets, and manufacturers are constantly searching for... #nanocomposites
30 November
10 tonnes now, 60 tonnes already planned for 2019, 310 tonnes in 2021 – OCSiAl #graphene nanotube capacity grows like a beanstalk.
28 November
Chinese scientists from Tsinghua University developed the strongest up-to-date fibre that can be used to build a space elevator. Do you think a space elevator will ever be built?
26 November
Polymers SpecialChem: #naum2018 makes another leap forward in the development of a number of diverse industries.
23 November
#BlackFriday Contact your regional office for special deals! #AskForTUBALL
22 November
Vast improvements to the #polyurethane industry! A full range of permanent electrical #conductivity, improved mechanical performance, reduced costs – all is possible with graphene #nanotubes. Vladimir Kravchenko, Project Manager of OCSiAl, at #naum2018.
21 November
How are the #automotive, #OilandGas, #tyres and electronics industries benefiting today from graphene nanotubes? Katee Gorbunova, Vice President, Elastomers, of OCSiAl, at #naum2018.