Product News
March 2
Our global #WorldChangersTeam gathered together to review our achievements and map out OCSiAl’s strategy. We are inspired by the speed with which graphene nanotubes are transforming the #batteries, #polymers, #elastomers and #coatings markets, by dramatically improving the performance of materials.
February 26
We are live from our TUBALL Center – where so many of the world’s innovative graphene nanotube applications are being developed. The OCSiAl global team has gathered together from more than 15 countries to explore the most recent R&D results. #StrategicSeminar
February 25
Tiny nanotubes can solve the main problem in the electric vehicles industry. Want to know how? Visit Kusumoto’s booth #W2-27 at the #BatteryJapan Expo in Tokyo from 27 February to 1 March. And don’t miss the presentation by Andrey Senyut on 28 February at 11:00. #Graphene #Nanotubes #Batteries #EV
February 22
It’s Friday at last! 🥳 Let's have a quick poll – how would you wear nanotubes today? 😉 A fabric that cools you down or warms you up depending on the weather conditions or a wearable sensor that measures your heart rate and finger and eyeball movement?
February 19
Do you enjoy a cross-country ride on your bike on the weekend? Wouldn’t you appreciate a bike with higher performance and with safer and longer lasting rims? Check out JEC Composites to see how graphene nanotubes can help you: #Bicycle #Graphene #Nanotubes
February 15
Great discussions with the main actors in the rubber industry at VKRT in the Netherlands, talking about our latest developments and their impact for the whole industry. Exciting times! #TUBALL
February 15
Are you a city-lover? Come and share our passion for Ujet! This elegant and smart scooter is a true glimpse into the future. And graphene nanotubes are a key part of this new transport era – the lightest tyres in their class provide unprecedented performance and road safety. #Graphene #Nanotubes #Scooter
February 13
The blackest black paint ever absorbs up to 99.96% of visible light. Which field will be the first to take advantage of it?
February 12
Let's see what they actually look like. Graphene itself is a hexagonal lattice of carbon atoms. A graphene nanotube is simply a sheet of graphene rolled up into a tube – super strong and highly conductive. #Graphene #Nanotubes
February 6
Nanotechnology Now: A leading producer of oil industry equipment in China has found that graphene nanotubes improve abrasion resistance of the rubber stator by 20% and increase tensile modulus by... Read more at: #Graphene #Nanotubes #OilandGas #Rubber