Single wall carbon nanotube products simplify the handling of SWCNTs, accelerating their commercial application.
To obtain the appropriate nanotube solution, select the material or product you want to enhance with nanotubes.
Available forms for commercial application:

Nanotube suspensions

For specific applications, including batteries, coatings, and elastomers, nanotubes are available in a liquid form based on various industry-common carriers, such as water, CMC, IPA, NMP, PVDF, etc.
Currently, OCSiAl offers nanotube products for anodes, cathodes, EPDM, FKM, NBR, NR/BR, SBR, HCR, LSR, RTV, NBR latex, PU latex, acrylic resin, epoxy, melamine, phenolic, polyester, polyurethane, vinyl-ester, glass fiber filled polyamide, glass fiber filled PPS, polyethylene, and PVC-plastisol.