TUBALL™ BATT NMP is an ultrafine TUBALL™ nanotube dispersion in NMP for high-energy cathodes. Unmatched TUBALL™ conductivity enables improved battery safety and energy density. TUBALL™ BATT is now available in an optimized, more cost-efficient dispersion form.

Material system
Hi-energy cathodes (ex. NCM 811, NCM 622, NCM 523, NCA, LCO, LFP)
Сoncentrate carrier
NMP, PVDF, others


Boosted energy density

Thanks to 10–60 times lower loading of conductive additive, up to 98.8% active material content possible in dry electrode

Higher safety

Increased safety due to halved battery resistance increase (DCR)

Higher discharge power

>50% higher at high discharge rates

Improved adhesion

Doubled thanks to the bond strength between cathode particles


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