Product News
June 5
Do you enjoy cooking? And science? Good news: you can cook carbon nanotubes in your own kitchen! Get a pen and a paper ready to write down a list of ingredients from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for this fine nanocuisine :)
June 3
OCSiAl Europe running team looking good at ING Night Marathon Luxembourg. Congratulation Tatsiana Leukavets, Artem Toropygin, Said Hocine, Hendrik Janssen, Nicolas Flandrin-Jones! #IngNightMarathonLuxembourg
May 29
Can you guess how carbon nanotubes and biological cellular communication are alike? For us, the comparison made recently by The University of Edinburgh's Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences was both unexpected and exciting. Check it out here:
May 24
It’s Friday at last! Wanna play? Look at this microscope picture and guess the exact material that is empowered by #nanotubes. Write your suggestions in the comments.
May 22
We've shared hundreds of applications that are now possible due to nanotubes' unique properties. But this one is totally different. One property that’s usually a disadvantage allows researchers to protect your electronic devices' security. Read more details: #Nanotubes
May 21
Experience total conductivity and transparency in PE films! Visit our demo-greenhouse at booth #L11 (Hall 11.3) at CHINAPLAS in Guangzhou this week and find out more about rubber & plastic products empowered by nanotubes! #ChinaPlas #Graphene #Nanotubes
May 17
Read how #nanotubes could facilitate disease diagnosis and help detect hazardous chemicals in water and foods.
May 16
Do you produce conductive polymers, but have to compromise in color and strength? Graphene nanotubes change the rules of the game! Conductivity, bright colors or transparency, improved mechanical properties of your material. Let’s meet at CHINAPLAS 21–24 May in Guangzhou to discuss more insights. #ChinaPlas #Graphene #Nanotubes #Polymers
May 14
Wearable & stretchable electronics, implantable biomedical devices, smart skin – Michigan State University has made a true design breakthrough! Even being stretched up to 300% in each direction, a carbon #nanotube "forest" still conducts efficiently.