Product News
September 4
OCSiAl is now listed on the Crunchbase Unicorn Leaderboard, with a $1 billion valuation! 🦄😀🥳
September 3
Light. Strong. Conductive. How can TUBALL graphene nanotubes improve the performance of your composites? Find out at OCSiAl booth #3335 at China Composites Expo in Shanghai! See you there :)
August 29
“Hello, World!”, says the first 16-bit computer built entirely from carbon nanotube transistors. 🤓 Read the details at Nature:
August 22
Formosa - a “beautiful island”. If you're in Taiwan now and are involved in the polymer business, come and meet the OCSiAl team at 臺灣國際塑橡膠暨複材工業展 - Plascom Taiwan, booth #S2307. You'll be amazed that as little as 0.01% of TUBALL #nanotubes can provide your plastics, rubbers and composites with stable and permanent conductivity, while also improving the mechanical properties.
August 21
More inspiring findings from Matteo Pasquali, Rice University Professor and #NAUM2019 speaker! His carbon nanotubes fibers act like electrical bridges restoring conductivity to damaged hearts. #Nanotubes
August 15
8 million tonnes of plastic waste end up in our oceans every year, which is incredibly damaging to sea life. Check out how #nanotubes could clean up microplastics in the oceans.
August 13
How can you slash the price of EV batteries, prolong their cycle life and maximize their energy density, while still achieving safe and stable performance? Get the industry leaders' insights at NAUM'19 in Kyoto on Nov 5-6. Register now! #NAUM2019
August 7
Strong, flexible and highly conductive single wall carbon nanotubes differ considerably from other nanoscale materials. They also have different Health & Safety aspects. Have a look at this article, which provides a comprehensive overview of the latest SWCNT H&S research.
August 1
Don't miss Konstantin Notman's interview with Luxemburger Wort on the world's largest graphene nanotube synthesis plant: