Product News
September 19
It's Friday! Time to do the happy dance! And we have something to make your Friday dance even better – the world's first acoustic membranes made entirely of nanotubes with an incredible sound! Check out the details on this exciting technology, enabled by TUBALL: #Nanotubes #Acoustics #Loudspeakers #SWCNT
September 15
What is a graphene nanotube? Watch the best possible explanation! ;)
September 11
TUBALL graphene nanotubes show impressive results compared to other nanomaterials, according to tests by Michelin tire company. Researchers conducted testing to quantify the airborne concentration of various nanoparticles, including nanotubes and graphene, during rubber abrasion, which will help to further industrialize promising nanomaterials. Check out the results! #Nanotubes #Rubbers #HealthAndSafety #WorkerSafety
September 7
Yet another breakthrough with nanotubes in silicon anodes: new research could lead to the creation of lighter, faster-charging batteries for powering a spacesuit or even a Mars rover! The key is the ability of nanotubes to hold together silicon nanoparticles that normally break apart. #space #batteries
September 2
Ultra-light, strong, conductive composites enhanced with TUBALL graphene nanotubes are on display now at the China Composite Expo in Shanghai! Visit OCSiAl booth #B1426 (Hall 1) any time from the September 2–4, 2020 and meet the OCSiAl China team to find out all the advantages of TUBALL for your composites! More info on nanotube-based composites: #Nanotubes #Composites #ChinaCompositeExpo
August 28
The car of the future is now possible thanks to graphene nanotubes! More efficient, more environmentally friendly and reduced weight car fenders and other exterior car parts made of polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS plastics with TUBALL! #Nanotubes #CarParts #Plastics #EnvironmentallyfFriendly
August 24
For firefighters, every second counts. To help rescue workers to operate more quickly and in more comfort, SAFER - Composite Cylinders has used TUBALL nanotubes to develop the lightest gas cylinder in the world! Check out the media reports or this interview with Piotr Saferna, Techplast R&D leader: #TUBALL #Nanotubes #Composites #Lighweight #Rescue #FirefighterEquipment
August 19
Graphene nanotubes are sure to be used in the electronics of the future. Here is yet more proof: scientists from NTU Singapore have developed an artificial intelligence (Al) system that recognizes hand gestures by combining skin-like electronics with computer vision. Check it out: #Nanotubes #SWCNT #Al #Sensors #ArtificialIntelligence
August 15
Conductive tooling gelcoats with graphene nanotubes are the ideal choice for composite manufacturers. They not only eliminate the risk of static discharge occurring, but also stop the surface from attracting dust that would otherwise result in shorter working cycles and longer mold preparation times. Check out the video tips from our PD team on building the most efficiency gelcoat formulation with TUBALL. See more videos on how to make materials conductive on TUBALL Products & Solutions channel: #Nanotubes #Gelcoats #CompositesManufacturing #Tips
August 12
The use of carbon nanotubes to reinforce composites is of high interest to today’s science and technology sector. Texas A&M University recently discovered a way to design carbon-fiber composites from the nanoscale. Nanotubes and nanocrystals increase the inter-laminar strength of usually weak, layered composites by up to 40%! #ReinforcedComposites #Nanotubes #Science