Product News
October 20
Did you know that graphene nanotubes can make your workout more comfortable and more safe? Added to PVC-plastisol treadmill belts, nanotubes prevent the static electricity build-up that can shock you, while maintaining a belt's strength. Request a sample: #Antistatic #Nanotubes #PVC #Nanotechnology
October 18
Watch the recording of Roberto De Simone's webinar to learn how graphene nanotubes enable a combination of conductivity and color, reduce weight, and extend the durability of composites. Thank you to Composites United e.V. for the opportunity to discuss this exciting topic! #Nanocomposite #GrapheneNanotubes #Durability
October 13
Low electrical resistivity, high transparency, and no negative influence on wet-out performance—this highly valuable set of properties for PSA films used in electronics, especially in high-performance products such as flexible displays, is guaranteed by TUBALL graphene nanotubes. Check out our video guidelines and request a sample here: #PSAFilm #Nanotubes #Conductivity #SiliconePSA
October 12
Graphene nanotube solutions for high-performance elastomers and thermoplastics are now in the focus of Reschem Italia SpA. The distributor has expanded its activities from coatings and composites to other industrial segments in Italy, providing its clients with its unique experience in achieving a new set of properties in most types of polymers thanks to graphene nanotubes. The OCSiAl team is looking forward to our joint achievements!
October 8
Why are we called OCSiAl, and what is the story behind this name? How diverse is our team? What milestones during the past 8 years are key for us? Let’s get to know each other :)
October 7
ESD flooring, lining coatings, powder coatings or conductive primers—regardless of the type of coating you produce, adding 0.02% of graphene nanotubes guarantees stable conductivity, high surface quality, good mechanical performance and flexibility in varying the thickness. Join the European Coatings webinar with Andrew Dubrovskiy to unlock new opportunities for your ESD coatings: #ESDCoatings #AntistaticFlooring #Nanotubes #AntistaticAgent #Webinar #Conductivity
October 5
The OCSiAl team presented the planned construction of the eco-compatible, state-of-the-art Luxembourg Graphene Nanotube Center on 4 October at a meeting with residents of the local commune. The planet-friendly center will generate more than 320 job opportunities and allow the development of next-generation products with graphene nanotubes. More info on the project
September 30
TUBALL in battery applications remains a hot topic in the scientific literature. Researchers from China used TUBALL nanotubes with CMC as a high-capacity cathode for a water-in-salt, electrolyte-based aqueous Al-ion battery, which provides an ultra-high specific capacity of 790 mAhg–1 (based on the mass of SWCNT) at a high current density of 5 Ag–1 even after 1,000 cycles. #Nanotubes #Battery #BatteryResearch #HighEnergy
September 28
Composites with reduced weight, electrical conductivity, extended durability, and color are now possible thanks to graphene nanotubes. Join Roberto De Simone for free at Composites United e.V. #Webseminar Wednesday and learn more on the new possibilities for your sustainable business! #Webinar #Nanotubes #Lightweight #Composite
September 24
Look around you. 70% of all the materials that you see can be improved by adding only 0.01% graphene nanotubes. Learn more of TUBALL nanotubes: