Product News
September 24
Look around you. 70% of all the materials that you see can be improved by adding only 0.01% graphene nanotubes. Learn more of TUBALL nanotubes:
September 21
Have you ever wondered what's behind the doors of an R&D center for graphene nanotubes applications? For the first anniversary of TUBALL Center Luxembourg, Vladimir Kravchenko unveils the projects, methods, and challenges of the thermoset division in this short interview:
September 15
Rubbers are often exposed to the harshest environments, such as high temperatures, corrosive fumes, and pressure. Is it possible to prolong their service life while offering superior electrical conductivity? Tomorrow, join Katee Gorbunova on the Twin Cities Rubber Group webinar to learn about the critical role of graphene nanotubes. #Webinar #RubberIndustry #SWCNT #TUBALL
September 15
Why are graphene nanotubes a game-changing material in silicon anodes that will be critical in the upcoming EV revolution? Come to our booth #1617 at #TheBatteryShow and #EVTechExpo to discover the details! #Nanotubes #EVBattery
September 14
The new powder coatings with graphene nanotubes for EMI and RFI applications developed by Erie Powder Coatings demonstrate both conductive and static dissipative properties in combination with aesthetic performance in a variety of surface textures and colors. Read the details at #PowderCoating #Nanotubes #ConductiveCoatings
September 10
Nanotubes consist of carbon atoms. Did you know that even we contain carbon? Learn more on graphene nanotubes: #Nanotubes #DidYouKnow #Carbon
September 9
It's been a long time since we updated you on the advantages of graphene nanotubes in composites. Well, this is one of the most ambitious applications :) Join Roberto De Simone's webinar at Composites United e.V., and learn how graphene nanotubes enable a combination of conductivity and color, reduce weight, and extended the durability of composites. #CompositeMaterials #NanoComposite #Nanotubes #Lightweight #Durability
September 8
New highly flexible, soft, conductive silicone electrodes that meet the requirements for healthcare devices are now possible thanks to graphene nanotubes. The unprecedented low required amount of nanotubes – 0.01% of total weight – makes it possible to avoid the drawbacks associated with other conductive additives, and to reduce the price of properties. Read more: #SiliconeRubber #SkinElectrode #FlexibleElectronics #HealthcareDevice #Nanotubes
September 2
#Graphene nanotubes take high-performance #rubbers to the next level, offering superior electrical conductivity and improved mechanical properties even after heat or fuel aging. Register for our joint #webinar with Twin Cities Rubber Group to unlock new opportunities for FKM, HNBR, silicone, and other special rubbers:
September 1
What are Graphetrons and who is the talented person behind their invention? How do we protect our unique production technology and plan for expansion? Discover our story here: #OCSiAl #Nanomaterials