Product News
June 11
We are glad to welcome Hayim Pinhas to the TUBALL nanotube solution distribution network! One of the most experienced companies in the Turkish materials market.
June 9
"Conductivity, durability, and reduced weight in composites with TUBALL graphene nanotubes" – Roberto De Simone at JEC Connect last week. If you missed the live presentation, follow the link to a recording: #Composites #Nanotubes #TUBALL
June 4
CALB, one of the leading lithium-ion battery producers in China, has honored OCSiAl with the Technical Support Award at its global suppliers' conference. Big congrats to the OCSiAl China team! #Batteries #Nanotubes #AwardWinner #CALB
June 3
How do you calculate the required dosage of TUBALL nanotubes in your formulation? What kind of water should be used to avoid viscosity issues? These and more practical issues of TUBALL LATEX suspension handling are answered in our 5-minute video. Request a sample:
June 3
Tank and pipe linings need to meet strict requirements due to the hazardous environments. What are the value propositions of graphene nanotubes in comparison to standard additives? Join our free webinar and find out how to improve your inner coatings! #Webinar #LiningCoatings #TankCoatings #Nanotubes #AntistaticAgent
May 31
You no longer need to compromise elasticity in favor of conductivity in rubbers. TUBALL nanotubes offer electrical conductivity in combination with high elasticity, durability, freedom for coloration, and no carbon release to the surface. Find out how: #ConductiveRubber #ConductiveSilicone #Nanotubes #TUBALL #CNT
May 28
Next week at digital JEC Composites Connect, our team presents graphene nanotubes for conductivity and improved mechanical performance of thermosets and thermoplastics. Register for free, search for the OCSiAl digital booth, and watch Roberto De Simone talk on June 2 at 01:30 pm CET. Our technical support and sales teams look forward to seeing you there! #TUBALL #Composites #JECConnect #Nanotubes
May 25
This week at #APFE in Shanghai, OCSiAl is showcasing the advantages of nanotube solutions in films and coatings compared with standard additives. Join us at booth #5A28! #Nanotubes #ConductiveFilms #ConductiveCoatings #TUBALL
May 21
A really hot topic – we are expecting intense debates and exciting insights! Join the session and support Óscar Blanco Fernández at Battery Cells & Systems Expo. How do graphene nanotubes overcome the current limitations for Li-ion batteries? Find out more here:
May 19
Measure the volume resistivity of a thermoplastic tensile bar in just 3 steps.