Anti-static agent for conductive polyethylene rotomolded parts with preserved mechanical properties and light colors

TUBALL™ graphene nanotubes (single wall carbon nanotubes) provide superior electrical conductivity to polyethylene rotomolded parts. Graphene nanotubes’ unique morphology allows them to create a dense conductive network inside polyethylene rotomolded parts at ultralow loading rates—starting from just 0.01 wt.% in the total compound. This unprecedentedly low concentration has minimal impact on the mechanical properties or the original color of the material.

TUBALL™ graphene nanotubes are applied via easy-to-use TUBALL™ MATRIX, which is a line of additives based on polymer carriers and pre-dispersed TUBALL™ graphene nanotubes, or TUBALL™ COAT_E suspensions.

TUBALL™ anti-static additive for polyethylene rotomolded parts demonstrates the following benefits:  

  • Permanent, stable anti-static properties without “hot spots”
  • Maintained or even increased mechanical properties
  • Possibility of color solutions*
  • Stable performance reducing the number of out-of-spec parts

    *Depending on the formulation, processing, and products.

    Maintained mechanical properties

    In contrast to conventional additives, graphene nanotubes make it possible to preserve the mechanical properties and light colors, and have a minimal impact on the viscosity and density, of the host material.

    OCSiAl internal results.


    TUBALL™-based products can be processed with standard equipment that is widely used in the thermoplastics industry.

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    Anti-static properties in rotomolding: Easy cost-effective solution for the whole conductivity range