Graphene nanotubes for polyurethane cast systems and coatings: permanent electrical conductivity with preserved mechanical properties

TUBALL™ graphene nanotubes, also known as single wall carbon nanotubes, provide permanent electrical conductivity to polyurethanes while preserving mechanical properties.

TUBALL™ graphene nanotubes are applied via easy-to-use anti-static masterbatches:

Choose the TUBALL™ product based on the carrier medium that suits your formulation:

Target system




Additive carrier



Plasticizer & stabilizing agent

Water & stabilizing agent

Fatty carboxylic acid ester derivatives

Fatty carboxylic acid ester derivatives

Ethoxylated alcohol

Fatty acid glycidyl ester + ammonium salt of a polyolefin-based derivative

Alkyl glycidyl ether + ammonium salt of a polyolefin-based derivative

Water + sodium dodecyl-benzene-sulfonate

Water + anionic surfactant


Increased performance of anti-static and conductive polyurethane products

Note: this diagram provides average trends compared with other additives, based on OCSiAl data. Product performance may vary depending on product type and formulation.

Full range of electrical resistivity

OCSiAl internal PU formulation.  ASTM D257

Preserved mechanical properties

OCSiAl internal PU formulation

Permanent and stable volume resistivity

Volume resistivity Ω·cm, ASTM D257

Other benefits provided by TUBALL™ nanotubes for thermoset polyurethanes:

  • Low dosage gives greater flexibility in the final formulation
  • Easy to apply and the low dosage makes the logistics less complex and more efficient
  • Wide range of colors for various conductive PU coating and textile applications

TUBALL™ graphene nanotubes are applied via easy-to-use TUBALL™-based products.

Application cases

Industrial Castors

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Mining Rollers

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Printing Roller

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Pay close attention to the processing guidelines for TUBALL™ MATRIX

Download PDF version:

Processing guidelines - TUBALL™ MATRIX 200-x and 300-x series_V02
pdf370.67 kB
Processing guidelines for cast poluyrethane_V02
pdf423.67 kB

Or watch the processing guidelines video:

TUBALL™ MATRIX - Processing guidelines

Additional information

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Contact us to discuss your project specifications or to request a TUBALL™ MATRIX sample.