Anti-static agent for conductive PVC-plastisol compounds with good mechanical performance and possibility for coloring

TUBALL™ graphene nanotubes (single wall carbon nanotubes) in the form of TUBALL™
 concentrate are an industry-friendly form of anti-static additive for PVC plastisol formulations. They have been specifically designed to provide superior electrical conductivity to thermoplastic materials while retaining the mechanical properties of PVC plastisol.

TUBALL™ MATRIX 814 anti-static additive for PVC plastisol demonstrates the following benefits:

  • Stable, permanent conductivity
  • Preserved original color of compound
  • Retained or even improved mechanical performance
  • Versatile application technologies
  • Clean production without the dust usually associated with carbon black
  • Flexibility in compound formulation thanks to a low dosage of nanotubes
  • User-friendly form of concentrate with no additional equipment required

PVC-plastisols enhanced with TUBALL™ graphene nanotubes have found wide application in the mining, oil & gas, textile, and other industries.

Graphene nanotubes vs carbon black & ammonium salts

In contrast to ammonium salts and carbon black, graphene nanotubes enable a full set of properties: stable,permanent conductivity with preserved original colors and mechanical performance. This is possible thanks to graphene nanotubes’ unique morphology, which allows them to create a dense conductive network inside thermoplastic compounds at ultralow loading rates—starting from just
0.01 wt.% in the total compound.

TUBALL™ MATRIX meets key technical requirements

Parameter Ammonium compounds Carbon black TUBALL™ MATRIX 814
Working dosage*, wt.% 0.2–4.0 4–12 0.5–2.0 (0.1–0.04 TUBALL™ nanotubes)
Resistivity range*, Ω/sq 108–1011 105–1011 104–1011

Influence on mechanical performance

small negative strong negative limited
Influence on rheology none strong negative limited
Color opportunity possible none possible
Dust formation during production
none high none
Resistivity independent of humidity
Stable resistivity over time
Cost of conductivity $ $/$$ $$

*Results for optimized formulation. Values can vary depending on the formulation, processing, and product grades. The values shown are given as typical figures.  

Easy-to-apply with standard equipment

TUBALL™ MATRIX can be processed with standard equipment widely used in the thermoplastics industry.

Standard single-shaft high-speed mixer

25 min total dilution time

Instant quality control with a grindometer to reach particle size ≤ 15 µm

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