Graphene nanotubes for FKM compounds: conductivity and prolonged durability


TUBALL™ nanotubes improve physical and againg properties of rubbers and provide the required electrical conductivity.

TUBALL™ graphene nanotubes are applied via the easy-to-use additive TUBALL™ MATRIX, which is a line of concentrates based on polymer and plasticizer carriers and pre-dispersed TUBALL™ graphene nanotubes.

TUBALL™ MATRIX for FKM compounds


FKM (carbon black & mineral filler-based compounds). Bisphenol curing type.

Carrier Media

Fluoro gum


TUBALL™ graphene nanotubes: good performance on all key parameters

In contrast to other conductive agents, TUBALL™ graphene nanotubes are a versatile conductive agent offering good performance on all key parameters.

Silica-based formulation. Improvement of mechanical properties and conductivity

Carbon black-based formulation. Improvement of mechanical properties and conductivity

Key benefit 1: Improving mechanical stability after heat/fuel aging

Silica-based formulation

Carbon black-based formulation

Key benefit 2: Retain colors without carbon release to surface

Conductive rubber elastomers are used in production areas with automated systems and sensors where color and anti-static properties are required.

When using carbon black, because of the high concentration required (10% or more) and the spherical shape of the particles, a phenomenon known in the industry as “carbon release” takes place, where the conductive additive is present on the surface of the sample.

In contrast, graphene nanotubes, owing to their greater length-to-diameter ratio, are not released to the surface.

Key benefit 3: Standard processing and mixing equipment

The optimal mixing option is to introduce TUBALL™ MATRIX 608 beta at the last compounding stage on 2-roll mill.

Other benefits

  • Freedom of formulation design thanks to the extremely low loadings of TUBALL™ that preserve properties
  • Сrosslinkable сarrier compatible with FKM formulations without migration to surface
  • Maintained mechanical properties without drawbacks in elasticity
  • Permanent and uniform electrical conductivity
  • Maintained rheology and technological properties

Application case

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Please pay close attention to processing guidelines for TUBALL™ MATRIX 608 beta for FKM

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