High-performance anti-static additive for electrically conductive and reinforced fluoroelastomers (FKM)

TUBALL™ graphene nanotubes are a reinforcing and conductive additive for improving the performance of two types of widely used fluoroelastomer formulations: those based on carbon black and those based on mineral fillers. Adding TUBALL™ allows manufacturers of FKM products to enhance the mechanical and aging properties and the durability, and also to provide electrical conductivity.

Highly conductive, super strong and flexible, graphene nanotubes have a record length-to-diameter ratio. These properties allow them to form three-dimensional conductive and reinforcing networks inside rubbers even at extremely low working dosages – starting from hundredths or tenths of a percent of the material’s total mass. The application of TUBALL™ in FKM, which is often used in aggressive environments, provides even more heat and fuel resistance and contributes to electrical conductivity, without affecting the elastic properties or hardness.

Silica-based formulation. Improvement of mechanical properties after aging

Carbon black-based formulation. Improvement of mechanical properties after aging

To simplify the handling of nanotubes and to adapt them to standard industry technological processes, OCSiAl has developed TUBALL™ MATRIX, a versatile masterbatch for fluoropolymers that is compatible with FKM carbon black and silica based compounds.

TUBALL™ MATRIX features for FKM:

  • Freedom in formulation design because of the extremely low loadings of TUBALL™
  • Improved mechanical properties without drawbacks in elasticity
  • Permanent and uniform electrical conductivity
  • Improved mechanical stability after heat/fuel aging
  • Increased durability of the final products thanks to improvements in abrasion resistance, modulus, and tear and tensile strength
  • Maintained rheological properties
  • Standard processing and mixing equipment
  • Retained colors without carbon release to surface for anti-static applications

Graphene nanotube modified FKMs are the top choice for heat-resistant rubber applications in aggressive environments, and can be used in the oil & gas, automotive and chemical industries, as well as in robotic manufacturing, where the combination of color and electrical conductivity are required for identification of parts by robots.

To choose the right product for FKM, please check the selection guide below and contact us to place an order or to request additional information.

TUBALL™ MATRIX 600 series for rubbers

Product MATRIX 603 MATRIX 604 beta MATRIX 608 beta MATRIX 610 MATRIX 614 beta MATRIX 615 beta MATRIX 618 betaMATRIX 619 beta
MATRIX 620 beta
MATRIX 621 betaMATRIX 622 betaMATRIX 623 beta
Carrier media Plasticizer
TDAE oil Dioctyl sebacate fatty acid ester Fluoro gum Polymer and paraffinic oil Polymer TDAE oil, Hydrocarbon resin, Polymer Synthetic ester plasticizer Polymer, Dibutyl Phthalate Polymer, TDAE OIL Fluoro gum Fluoro gum Polymer, Polar Solvent

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