Anti-static agent for ESD-safe latexes with maintained color and mechanical performance

TUBALL™ graphene nanotubes impart permanent conductive and anti-static properties to all types of latex, at the same time retaining mechanical properties and allowing coloration of the final product, unlike conventional anti-static agents such as most types of carbon black.

Thanks to their unique properties, including high conductivity and strength and high length-to-diameter ratio, even a very low amount of graphene nanotubes can dramatically change the properties of elastomers by creating conductive reinforing network of nanotubes inside materials.

Tested in NBR latex glove formulation with using TUBALL LATEX

To adapt graphene nanotubes for industrial use, OCSiAl has developed TUBALL™ LATEX – a ready-to-use ESD/anti-static agent in the form of a water-based suspension containing dispersed graphene nanotubes stabilized by a user-friendly surfactant for manufacturing latex gloves, textile coatings and other latex products with anti-static properties. TUBALL™ LATEX makes it possible to achieve permanent, humidity-independent conductivity that is fully compliant with the most demanding applications, including the new European standard EN16350 for anti-static properties in safety wear, such as ESD gloves.

It is noteworthy that currently, TUBALL™ LATEX is the only anti-static agent that ensures full compliance with the EN16350 standard and also only requires minimal changes to the manufacturing process.

EN16350 standard for safety wear

Anti-static latex with graphene nanotubes is often used for manufacturing gloves and other personal protective equipment (PPE) for the mining, chemical, and oil and gas industries, as wells as in cleanrooms. With increased demand from the automatization of industries where sensors and touchscreens are used more and more, safety gloves with an anti-static performance could bring an additional edge and operational efficiency.

TUBALL™ LATEX features for Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) and Latex and Polyurethane (PU) water-based Latex:

  • Standard dipping process
  • Retain color
  • Maintain or improve mechanical properties
  • Electrical resistivity of < 108 Ω•cm
  • Material is ready to use “as produced”

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