Anti-static agent for electrically conductive room temperature vulcanized (RTV) silicone rubber with retained color and mechanical performance

TUBALL™ graphene nanotubes in the form of anti-static concentrates based on different carriers make it possible to produce conductive room temperature vulcanized (RTV) silicone rubber, without losing its flexibility or other key mechanical properties.

The high conductivity, strength and flexibility of graphene nanotubes help manufacturers to overcome the limitations of conventional anti-static agents.

To simplify handling nanotubes, OCSiAl has developed a line of industry-friendly solutions, that do not require adding equipment or changing formulations. Depending on the content of TUBALL™ MATRIX concentrate in the final compound, it is possible to obtain electrical resistance from 1 to 1010 Ω and produce colored anti-static and conductive silicone compounds. Compared to carbon black, graphene nanotubes demonstrate much better mechanical properties, for example, 4 times greater elongation at break of conductive RTV silicone rubbers.

Volume resistivity of RTV silicone with TUBALL™ MATRIX 601 in comparison with conductive carbon black

Physical properties of RTV with 3 wt.% OF TUBALL™ MATRIX 601 in comparison with conductive carbon black

TUBALL™ MATRIX concentrate provides RTV silicone compounds with:

  • High electrical conductivity with a very low content of filler
  • Low viscosity and high operational reliability
  • No affect on catalyst properties and curing
  • Improved mechanical properties
  • Allowing coloration

RTV silicones modified with graphene nanotubes are widely used in electrical load control units, electrodes, sealing elements, and products for EMI/RFI shielding in the electronics and aerospace industries.

The TUBALL™ MATRIX line for RTV silicone includes two types of concentrates based on different carriers. To find out more about the products, please click the products cards below or contact us.

TUBALL™ for silicones and latexes

ProductCarrierCompositionTarget systems
LSRHCRRTVPSA (silicone)NR latexNBR latex
TUBALL™ MATRIX concentrates (Black flakes paste @ standard dosage 0.4%–10%)
matrix 601PlasticizerPolydimethylsiloxane
matrix 602PlasticizerSiloxanes and silicones vinyl group-terminated
matrix 605PlasticizerSiloxanes and silicones vinyl group-terminated
613 betaPlasticizerPolydimethylsiloxane + zinc chloride
(CAS-No. 7646-85-7) + zinc oxide
(CAS-No. 1314-13-2)
617 betaPlasticizerDimethyl, methylvinyl siloxane
TUBALL™-based suspensions (Black liquid @ standard dosage 0.05–0.1 % of active content in latex)
latexWater + anionic surfactantWater + anionic surfactant (sodium salt of polynaphthalene sulphonic acid)

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