High-performance anti-static additive for electrically conductive and reinforced nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR)

TUBALL™ graphene nanotubes are a high-performance anti-static agent and reinforcing filler for nitrile butadiene rubber. TUBALL™ makes it possible to create NBR compounds with stable conductivity and improved mechanical performance.

The most important feature of graphene nanotubes for NBR is the ability to impart stable conductive properties while avoiding most of the negative impacts on hardness and elongation that result from the use of standard anti-static agents, such as multiwall carbon nanotubes, most types of carbon black and polymer-based anti-static additives. The reason for this is graphene nanotubes’ unique properties, which allow them to create a reinforcing and conductive 3D network inside rubbers, even at extremely low working dosages, which also guarantee no carbon release on the surface of the material.

As little as 2% of TUBALL™ MATRIX concentrate, containing pre-dispersed nanotubes, is enough to significantly improve NBR compound mechanical properties and impart anti-static properties. TUBALL™ MATRIX was specially designed by OCSIAl to allow easy introduction of nanotubes without any changes to standard formulation.

Anti-static NBR silica-based formulation

With 0.15% of graphene nanotubes

TUBALL™ MATRIX nanotube concentrate features for NBR compounds:

  • Anti-static performance of 107 Ω*cm
  • Modulus (M50-M300) improved by up to 50%
  • Tear strength improved by up to 35%
  • No negative impact on hardness or elongation
  • No carbon release to surface

To choose the right product for rubbers, please check the selection guide below and contact us to receive assistance with your request.

TUBALL™ MATRIX 600 series for rubbers

Product MATRIX 603 MATRIX 604 beta MATRIX 608 beta MATRIX 610 MATRIX 614 beta MATRIX 615 beta MATRIX 618 betaMATRIX 619 beta
MATRIX 620 beta
MATRIX 621 betaMATRIX 622 betaMATRIX 623 beta
Carrier media Plasticizer
TDAE oil Dioctyl sebacate fatty acid ester Fluoro gum Polymer and paraffinic oil Polymer TDAE oil, Hydrocarbon resin, Polymer Synthetic ester plasticizer Polymer, Dibutyl Phthalate Polymer, TDAE OIL Fluoro gum Fluoro gum Polymer, Polar Solvent

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