Anti-static agent for electrically conductive HCR silicones with retained color and mechanical performance

TUBALL™ graphene nanotubes are an advanced anti-static agent for high consistency rubber (HCR). It provides conductive properties to HCR silicone in an electrical resistance range of <10 to 1011 Ω, with stable electrical properties, maintained rheological properties, permanent elasticity, improved mechanical properties, and long service life of the final products.

Volume resistivity of HCR silicone with TUBALL™ MATRIX 605 is in the range of <10-1011 Ω⋅cm*

Having at the same time high conductivity and strength, and a record length-to-diameter ratio, graphene nanotubes form a three-dimensional reinforcing conductive network inside silicone even at very low concentrations.

Up to 10 times less TUBALL™ MATRIX nanotube concentrate, specially designed for HCR compounds, is needed than carbon black to achieve the same volume resistivity level.

High dynamic pressure applications - conductive HCR. TUBALL™ vs Carbon black

TUBALL™ MATRIX guarantees to HCR silicone:

  • Stability of important electrical properties
  • Long service life of the final products
  • No carbon release on the surface of the material during use
  • High operational reliability
  • Maintained rheological properties and permanent elasticity
  • Maintained or even improved mechanical properties

HCR silicone compounds improved with graphene nanotubes have applications in most industries where conductivity together with good mechanical properties are required, such as electronics and cables, printing, automotive and aeronautical, construction, and others.

OCSiAl has developed several types of TUBALL™ MATRIX concentrates for HCR silicones to meet specific requirements of compounders. See the products cards or contact us for details.

TUBALL™ for silicones and latexes

ProductCarrierCompositionTarget systems
LSRHCRRTVPSA (silicone)NR latexNBR latex
TUBALL™ MATRIX concentrates (Black flakes paste @ standard dosage 0.4%–10%)
matrix 601PlasticizerPolydimethylsiloxane
matrix 602PlasticizerSiloxanes and silicones vinyl group-terminated
matrix 605PlasticizerSiloxanes and silicones vinyl group-terminated
613 betaPlasticizerPolydimethylsiloxane + zinc chloride
(CAS-No. 7646-85-7) + zinc oxide
(CAS-No. 1314-13-2)
617 betaPlasticizerDimethyl, methylvinyl siloxane
TUBALL™-based suspensions (Black liquid @ standard dosage 0.05–0.1 % of active content in latex)
latexWater + anionic surfactantWater + anionic surfactant (sodium salt of polynaphthalene sulphonic acid)

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