Anti-static agent for electrically conductive elastomers with retained color, elasticity and durability

TUBALL™ graphene nanotubes (also known as single wall carbon nanotubes) are the most effective anti-static agent available, offering a unique combination of stable conductivity and good mechanical performance in elastomers.

Unlike conventional conductive additives such as multi wall carbon nanotubes, carbon fibers, and most types of carbon black, which have significant drawbacks in tensile and elastic properties due to a high loading level, graphene nanotubes create a 3D reinforcing conductive network in elastomers to provide stable conductivity without drawbacks, and at the same time allow the production of colored products and maintain or even improve mechanical properties.

Discover a whole new world inside silicone

An extremely low working dosage of TUBALL™ graphene nanotubes enables a full range of electrical resistivity from <10 to 1010 Ω·cm, allowing the production of both conductive and anti-static elastomers. Being produced in the form of ready-to-use products containing pre-dispersed nanotubes, TUBALL™ dispersion does not require any changes to standard processing and mixing equipment. 

Graphene nanotube-based elastomers have applications in many industries, where durable and ESD-protected products are required, including cleanrooms, the oil & gas, automotive, electronics, tires, mining, and chemical industries. 

The TUBALL™-based product line for elastomers includes solutions for siliconeslatexes, and various types of conductive rubbers

TUBALL™ for rubbers

ProductCarrierCompositionTarget systems
TUBALL™ MATRIX concentrates (Black flakes paste @ standard dosage 1.5%–6%)
608 betaPolymerFluoroelastomer + barium sulfate
(CAS-No. 7727-43-7)
matrix 610Polymer + plasticizerPolymer + paraffinic mineral oil
620.3 betaPolymer + plasticizerPolymer + TDAE oil (distillates (petroleum), solvent refined heavy paraffinic, CAS-No. 64741-88-4)
621 betaPolymerFluoroelastomer
622 betaPolymerFluoroelastomer
623 betaPolymer + plasticizerPolymer + polar solvent
625 betaPolymer + plasticizerPolymer + polar solvent

TUBALL™ for silicones and latexes

ProductCarrierCompositionTarget systems
LSRHCRRTVPSA (silicone)NR latexNBR latex
TUBALL™ MATRIX concentrates (Black flakes paste @ standard dosage 0.4%–10%)
matrix 601PlasticizerPolydimethylsiloxane
matrix 602PlasticizerSiloxanes and silicones vinyl group-terminated
matrix 605PlasticizerSiloxanes and silicones vinyl group-terminated
613 betaPlasticizerPolydimethylsiloxane + zinc chloride
(CAS-No. 7646-85-7) + zinc oxide
(CAS-No. 1314-13-2)
617 betaPlasticizerDimethyl, methylvinyl siloxane
TUBALL™-based suspensions (Black liquid @ standard dosage 0.05–0.1 % of active content in latex)
latexWater + anionic surfactantWater + anionic surfactant (sodium salt of polynaphthalene sulphonic acid)

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